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Lilypod & Sweetpea Feature: Newborn Nursery Decor Ideas

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Lilypod & Sweetpea Feature: Newborn Nursery Decor Ideas

Jasmine Schmidt

I’ve not really posted about this new bambino much have I? I don’t know why; I guess it’s because when you already have a little one to look after, on top of life’s many distractions, it’s just not your major focus.

Of course I’m so so excited; I can’t wait to get into bed every night to feel my little one karate kick about and I think about life with our new arrival all of the time. I’ve been planning so many exciting things to do as part of my pregnancy bucket list, and most recently I’ve been planning how to decorate our little ones nursery.

We have a four bed so bambini will have a room of their own. It’s small, I guess you’d call it the box room but it’s still big enough for all that we need … Jasper can rolly-polly in it amongst the laundry rack, single bed and various boxes that currently reside in it so that’ll be plenty big enough for a newborn!

When we had Jasper I really wanted a theme; I’m not sure why as I hate themes but I’d seen so many woodland nurseries on Pinterest and loved the idea of painting a tree on the wall and keeping to neutral colours. You can check it out here; I still love it and wouldn’t have changed it for the world but for this bambini I want to got for something different.